About Esinam and her projects (solo, bands…) | Esinam Dogbatse Music
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Esinam & Her Projects


Esinam Dogbatse’s Ghanaian roots are at the origin of that West African flavor you can hear within her music. But she also finds inspiration travelling all over the world and discovering different cultures.

Solo Performances

When performing her solo live set, Esinam uses electronic machines to turn herself into a real One Woman Band! She composes, plays and performs her contemporary music using a flute, percussions and vocals, as well as a few more traditional and modern instruments.

Both her sensitivity and her personal way of merging different genres together do create, color and uplift Esinam’s musical universe. She is part of that new generation of musicians bringing forth a cultural blend of music. Her first E.P. will be released this autumn 2017!

Bands & Collaborative Projects

Esinam is a Brussels born multi-instrumentalist playing both on her own and with other musicians and music bands.

Keep on reading to learn more about Esinam’s solo performances or use the button below to learn more about her bands.

Esinam - Portrait - Live - Flute, mics, smoky blue bg